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How to Put Together an Awards Entry That Stands Out

The countdown is on - only a month until the Call for Entries close for the Social Media Marketing Awards.  

Imagine what it will be like to stand in front of the leaders of the Social Media Industry and accept an award.  

I know how it feels to win an award.  In 2010, I won an Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and that moment was life changing.  As soon as I sat down after accepting my award, people started coming over to me and wanting to collaborate.  I was in magazines and in the news  - it really allowed me to gain visibility.   I was invited to speak at conferences. Even though that was 8 years ago and I have changed industries, it still brings me benefits.  

This is why I was passionate about creating an Awards Program exclusively for the Social Media Marketing Industry. 

So with this in mind, I wanted to give you 10 tips to help you put together a quality awards submission: 

1. Know your dates - The key date is April 24th, 2018 and you need to have finalised your entry and paid the fee for entry (if you are not a member of the Social Media Marketing Institute).  That might seem a long way off but it is not as far away as you might think.  Don't put yourself under pressure by trying to put together your Award entry on the due date.  

2. Make sure you understand the judging criteria for the category you are entering.  Look at how the judges will mark the category you are entering and ensure you address them in your entry.  

3. Look at what supporting material you can provide to enhance your entry.  It could be a video, images or screen shots from your social media.  

4. Get permissions if required - if you are from an agency or do social media work for clients,  you will need to ensure you get their permission to enter the campaign.  A joint entry is a great way to celebrate an awesome collaboration.  

5. Put together your entry on a word document and transfer the information into the Awards portal.  I have learnt that this is good practice and a way to ensure you minimise frustrations, especially as you get close to the due date.  We have an excellent Awards portal but computer glitches and even blackouts can cause frustrations and you don't want to perfect that entry to then lose it.  And yes, it has happened to me so I speak from experience.  

6. Check spelling and grammar - This can sometimes be overlooked as you finalise your entry.  Run your entry through a grammar program or ask someone else to proofread your entry.  Sometimes you can read something a dozen times and still miss a simple mistake. 

7. Have a couple of people proof read your entry - If you feel you are ready to submit, ask someone else in your business or agency to read through the entry to ensure you have answered the questions and included the best information to make you entry stand out from the rest. If you work for yourself, ask a business mentor or a friend who really knows your business to give you some feedback.  It is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see. 

8.  Make sure any figures in your entry can be backed up - If your entry refers to results achieved by your campaign, these will need to be backed up and judges will ask for them if they are not included in your entry.  

9.   Enter multiple categories - Once you enter your first category and make payment, you will receive a membership to the Social Media Marketing Institute and once a member, you can enter as many award categories at no further charge.  By entering multiple categories you increase your chance to be named as a finalist.  You will also receive a nominee badge that you can put on your website, social media and marketing materials.  

10.   Enjoy the process - This is a chance to put together a great case study for your business so take the time to enjoy the successes you have had and celebrate what you have achieved.  

If you have any questions at all, please email me at or call me on 0412 304 535.  

The Social Media Marketing Awards Gala Dinner will be huge and we look forward to you being a part of it! 

Kind Regards, 

Mireille Ryan
CEO, Social Media Marketing Institute
Founder, Social Media Marketing Awards